Carlisle Property Overview

I thought I’d take the opportunity to update everyone on how our fair city Carlisle is broken down by property type, are we a city of renters or home owners?, what type of properties do we live in and do we have enough property, so I’ll look here at what’s happening in the new build sector.


Carlisle has over 60% of people living in a property they either own outright or own their property with a mortgage. This outstrips both the North West and National average. Surprisingly there are only 15.1% of people who are privately renting. I personally thought this would be much higher and it does show we are still a country who have an obsession and drive to own our own property, unlike our European neighbours.

The next census figures should make for interesting reading. I expect a shift in these figures.


There are 35113 properties in our local area (CA1, Ca2, CA3, CA4, CA5, CA6 and CA8 post codes).

The most popular dwelling is not surprisingly a semi-detached property, very similar to the North West figures. Much less of us are living in flats or apartments, compared to the North West. I personally like this and believe Carlisle has enough flats or apartments to meet demand. Following the covid-19 outbreak, there has been a massive surge in people’s desire towards properties with gardens and home working space.


The trend is thankfully on the up but does still not meet demand. In the last 5 years there has been 1970 new homes built in Carlisle. Thankfully a proportion of the are low cost and affordable properties, meaning more are available to a greater proportion of potential buyers. this is great for those people with aspirations to get their own little bit of Carlisle.

I expect this trend to continue to rise and is not only good for our city and those people who want a new home, its positive for the overall housing market as well as there is a massive knock on effect with the current housing stock.

My next report will look at affordability but if anyone wants to pick my brains or needs any advice, please get in touch on 01228 534000 or

Stay safe everyone.

Best regards, Gordon

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